Shubh Singhai, Author at SocioBlaze

I’m not an expert but the philosopher in online marketing who knows the best and worst side of the internet very-well and continuously playing every day with all possible digital marketing techniques by using 100’s of tools and methods.

In general, I work for 16 hours a day, and I’m addicted to implement daily new creative and wonderful things on my products.

What are my skills?

As an experienced Digital Marketer and SEO by profession, I never thought about working for 9 to 5, but I decided to work till the last nap of my entire day.

If you also from the same habits, which I’m intentionally having, then great you are on board; sit back and relax its okay to message me directly, I’m sure, that you won’t get disappointed and for sure we’ll have awesome discussions in relevant stuff, and I’ll be happy to help you.

When did I launch SocioBlaze?

Let’s get a little personal; on my 23rd birthday, I launched SocioBlaze, which is my authority domain from all websites I manage personally. SocioBlaze is a platform continually furnishing the amazing and bitter things of the tech world and keeping you updated with what’s happening in the internet world.

I’m also managing many social media communities like a pro; from social media paid advertisements to organic marketing, I’m having good hands-on creating the top trending viral stuff among all hungry consuming nerds.

Socially, I’ve fewer meetings with other creatures of the corporate biosphere, but still, the high valued content that my team is discovering at SocioBlaze’s workstation is amazingly creating “BooM” among the online industry.

Founder’s quote, “my mission is very crystal clear, I need this platform to become the topmost content creators among all copy cats around there in the market”. Nowadays, where everyone is enjoying the same stuff again and again, we’re working to give them more beyond their expectations, but we also need them to expect more fresh things from such OTT platforms.

Lastly, I’ll say, don’t miss this opportunity, you can hire the SocioBlaze team for more related tasks like online marketing and branding, website development and designing, and vice-versa.

COVID-19 messed-up everything and your business still need growth. Don’t think twice when it comes to your business because everything you put into your business is an investment, not a cost.

If this is it, what satisfied you, then you can easily reach out to me at, and I bet you will get what you want from your business.

What exactly is success?

“Success is not about only wealth, but it’s all about making your dreams come true and keeping yourself healthy and happy.”